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Self-construction of a round light:

- with a stainless steel frame

- with a 10 mm laminated glass pane

- with a 55W RGB-tape incl. a remote and automatic color change

- latest LED technology

Before- / After- photos with an aftermarket latest LED technology:


Previous inventory:

Altogether there were in this warehouse 42 pieces tubes with 58W and with conventional ballast.

The performance of a lamp with a 58W tube amounted to about 100W.

In 42 such tubes thus representing about 4200W.


New inventory:

In 8 of our "ETH LED lights" amounts performance on a total 800W - for protection class 2 and no-glare glass prism.

sample calculation:

Energy saving with a burning time of 12 hours / day


Previous lighting:

4,2 KW x 12 h x 300 days = 15.120 KW/h


New lighting:

0,8 KW x 12 h x 300 days =   2.880 KW/h



Before:     15.120 KW/h x 0,128 Euro = 1.935,36 Euro

After:        2.880   KW/h x 0,128 Euro =    368,64 Euro


Saving energy-costs / year:                 1.566,72 Euro